Interview / Barbara Bezina

Originalmente publicado en International Foundation for Women Artists:

I never plan or work with previous ideas or sketches. Working in the present and always see and discover new things.

- Barbara Bezina



Barbara Bezina was born in Necochea, Buenos Aires, Argentina on September 26, 1980. She began drawing at an early age and discovered the painting and later photography and digital art.

Her works are layered digital images using a sophisticated vocabulary of the surreal, the sensual, the geometric and abstract. All elements are injected with an ecological sensibility which apparently stems from an interest in translating internal and external elements of the human body and the natural world in a fresh language literally and symbolically. You could say that his art is clearly identifiable and distinct, as in all her works show the essence of the artist.

At the age of 28 she moved to a mountain village in the province of San Juan, where she finds instead…

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Muy raro e interesante vídeo que alguien hizo con algunas de mis obras / Very interesting and rare video that someone made about my works.




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