Cuello – Arte digital – 2015

17 days left to get this artwork!


My new Artstarter campaign with ‘My garden’s roses’ artwork. This piece is available in premium quality: 310g certified giclee print
Size: 42 x 29.7 cm
Price: 649 DKK / 91 USD / 87 EUR
You can order HERE

My artwork at the European Capital of Culture – Aarhus 2017


6 of my works will be exhibiting at the European Capital of Culture – Aarhus 2017 with the cool team of  NOVAM ARTEM.

If you are there, don’t miss it!

In liaison to Aarhus Cultural Capital 2017, NOVAM ARTEM presents IMAGINARIA, a street installation in 2 locations in the city center of Aarhus.

The exhibition is to be found in the streets of Aarhus, at the Cityhall Square and in Posthussmøgen, procuring the debut of the arts in eye level with the population.

”Imaginaria is our first offer on a new configuration of exhibiting art, which we believe to be an eye-opener to what art can also do. The idea is to take down the art from the walls of the galleries and museums, where the art is hanging “hidden” to the average population, and serve it directly where people move about” narrates Jakob Hindhede, owner of Novam Artem and continues “Imaginaria are the open spaces we create to the dreamy yet abstract character all of us possess. It’s a common interpretation of the I and its individual understanding of the ceaseless in the cycle of time and the infinite of space.”

With IMAGINARIA Novam Artem wishes to question the consciousness within the individual, always in search of the qualitative fraction of life. The narrative is based on the obstinate central elements in the constitution of mankind; Time and Space, in this context uniquely reflected in the dreamy universe of each artist, as a symbolic structure in life and the universe.

“Imaginaria lacks time and space, it’s everything and nothing, emptiness and totality; the immortal death.”

A trans-artistic installation in collaboration with a creative elite, generated by Axel Van der Waal, Andrea Saltini and Barbara Bezina, telling their version of the everything of life in Posthussmøgen from May till August. Continued by the imaginary duo Jaume Montserrat and Rasa Dzimidaviciute Olesen exhibiting on the Cityhall Square from August till October 2017.

De noche en el jardín – Fotografía – 2017

Fotografía – 2017

Etérea – Fotografía – 2017

Aguja – Fotografía – 2017